Local August 20, 2016 | 9:16 am

Inmate in missing girl case ‘100% sure’ it was for organs

Santo Domingo.- Dawin Jose Trinidad Infante, being held inconnection with the disappearance of Carla Massiel Cabrera, 10, on Friday said thecase is about organ trafficking.

"What I mean is that those institutions that areinvestigating to see if the case is about organs, I am 100% sure that it wasso, what happens is that they will try to dismiss it because there are millionsand millions at risk," said Trinidad in a recording aired by the TVprogram El Show del Mediodia.

The accused, who is being held in jail La Victoria, said he’scollaborating with Santo Domingo province prosecutor Olga Dina Llaverías.

"There are many things that are confidential, which cannotbe said out there because perhaps my life is at risk here, but what I ask ofthe prosecutor is protection, I fear for my life and I know that there arepowerful people behind this," Trinidad said.

Cabrera went missing on June 25, 2015, in the village LosGarcia, of Pedro Brand township, where lived with her family, 16 miles north ofthe capital.

Trinidad had requested half a million pesos for informationon the child’s whereabouts, according to Manuel Reyes, her stepfather.

Interviewed by listin.com.do, Reyes said the accused, whois being held at La Victoria prison, had asked for money several times inexchange for information on her whereabouts.

"Dawin called me with different phones to threaten meand ask me for money, on one occasion he asked me for a half a million pesosand I just thought about how to get it to find the girl, because you tell me,what one wouldn’t do to find her?"

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