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The US weighs in on Brazil-Dominican Republic plane scandal

Santo Domingo.- Emailsbetween then Air Force special projects director Col. Carlos Piccini, andexecutives of Brazil plane maker Embraer have allowed a close look into theconduct of the accused in the Super Tucano graft case.

The electronic messaging system was supplied to Brazilianauthorities by the United States, along with the contract of the transaction forthe light military aircraft, as well as the financing agreement between Brazil State-ownedBandes bank and the Dominican Republic with Embraer.

The evidence provided by US were authorized by a Federal judgein Sao Jose dos Campos when there were no indications of money laundering."These indications, being sent by the United States, led to thedeclaration of incompetence of the court and the distribution of the facts, ordesignation by lot to the Seventh Federal Court of Rio de Janeiro, asprevention," the case file says, quoted by diariolibre.com.

The document notes that the August 25, 2008, Piccini asked Eduardo Munhos do Campo and Luis Eduardo ZorzenonFulmagalli, Embraer vice president and director respectively, for the use of adiscrete communication channel to maintain the dialogue.

For their "text and context" in contacts to pay aUS$3.52 million bribe to buy the aircraft, called "PLRUS$5" they expressedfear of being discovered and afraid to use telephones. "They also indicatethe possibility, with obvious knowledge of the partners, the benefit were to bedestined, at least to more than one person besides Piccini, apparently aDominican senator," the document says.

A September 16, 2008, email states that Munhos beganpreparations to pay the undue gain, as soon as he became apprised that theSenate of the Dominican Republic approved the financing agreement.

In one email the Dominican side expressed concern for thedelay in the agreed payout of the money.

Messages between Embraer executives with Colonel and otherssent between themselves, on 17/02/2009 at 9:50, at 9:41 18/02/2009, 31/03/2009at 20: 22 and on 05/05/2009, show the work of concealment and approach giventhe difficulties they were having of the company’s control system.

Finance Minister clarifies participation

On Tuesday, former finance minister Vicente Bengoa said hisdepartment only intervened in the contracts for the loans to buy the planes,not in their purchase.

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