Local August 26, 2016 | 1:02 pm

Mayor, Tourism Police target child prostitution in notorious town

Boca Chica, Dominican Republic.-The mayor of the beach townand the Tourism Security Corp (CESTUR) on Friday launched a plan to eradicateexploitative child labor and child prostitution.

Mayor Radhames Castro and CESTUR commander in Boca Chica Col.Nieves Felix provided details on the plan to confront the prostitution ofchildren, a situation they called "extremely worrying."

"We will work immediately with determination andsteadfastness in facing this problem of child prostitution which is causing somuch harm to this tourist resort of Boca Chica," Castro said in a pressconference.

He said to reach greater effectiveness, a local businessmandonated a place to be used to shelter children who are detained, prior to theirreturn to their families. "This negative image abroad Boca Chica by theproblem of prostitution, has to change and we are willing to work in thatdirection."

For her part, Felix said she’s satisfied with interest shownby Castro to contribute with CESTUR to deal energetically with prostitution.

“We’re going to work together without sparing any effortfor that situation to be eradicated from Boca Chica.”

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