Local September 12, 2016 | 9:38 am

Judiciary purge continues, Council fires another judge

Sano Domingo.- The Supreme Judicial Council on Sunday fired Special Transit judge AristildaMercedes Rodriguez of La Romana, via resolution 10/2016

Mercedes Rodriguez was accused of serious misconduct and inviolation of the Code of Ethics and the Constitution.

Her firing stems from her releasing without bond fiveVenezuelans arrested allegedly with 359 kilos of cocaine seized in an aircraftat La Romana Airport in April.

The Council also found Santiago District judge RamonFrancisco Ureña guilty of misconduct, and placed on 30-day suspension withoutpay.

The measure are the latest in a series of reprimands anddismissals of judges during the last few months, the most notorious being thefiring of Judicial Council magistrate Francisco Arias, in the “rulings for sale”case.

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