Local September 22, 2016 | 8:03 am

Former senior police officers, prosecutor to jail for drug theft

Santo Domingo.- A Santo Domingo Province panel court on Wednesdaysentenced former National Police Narcotics Div. (DICAN) director Col. CarlosValerio Fernandez to 20 years in prison for stealing 950 kilos of cocaine thathad been seized as evidence.

First Collegiate court judges Yovanka Estefany Rodriguezand Elizabeth Brito also sentenced former prosecutor Maximo Díaz and formerPolice Maj. Luciano Gómez to 20 years in prison, whereas former sergeant Pedro Almánzarreceived 15 years in prison.

Sentenced to 10 years were former prosecutor Ramon Augusto Veras,former corporal Agapito Muñoz, former Lt. Col. Felix Humberto Paulino, and formerDican deputy director and former First Lt. Barbaro Torres.

The judges found the members of group guilty of complicity,conspiracy, forgery and money laundering.

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