Local September 28, 2016 | 11:26 am

A few have much, but one cabinet minister has ‘nada’

Santo Domingo.- Six Cabinet ministers have declared a totalof RD$256.7 million (US$5.6 million) in assets, as revealed in their financial statement recentlysubmitted to the Accounts Chamber, whereas the Administration Minister says hehas nothing, “nada.”

Leading the pack is Agriculture minister Angel Estevez, whoon September 14 said he’s worth RD$162.1 million spread among lots, farms, buildingsand homes mostly in his native La Vega province.

Estevez is followed far behind by Tourism ministerFrancisco Javier García, who on September 15 declared RD$35.4 million, mostlyin real esta

Bringing up the rear is Public Administration minister RamónVentura Camejo, who on Aug. 29 declared only his before-taxes monthly salary ofRD$275,000, with no investments, properties or bank accounts.

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