Local November 25, 2016 | 3:45 pm

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Floods stun Dominican Republic, 82 towns cut off

Santo Domingo.- The four weeks of torrential rainskeep 82 communities cut off, while 18 provinces remain under flash flood warnings,the Emergency Operations Center (COE) announced Friday.

A COE report also indicates that 14,743people remain displaced and 13 bridges have been damaged or collapsed, as wellas six roads washed out.

It said 15 people are trapped in a town near Hostostownship, central Duarte province, who ignored a mandatory evacuation order by localauthorities when the Yuna River crested its banks. "A rescue team went tothe rescue of the evacuees."

As more downpours have been forecast through Saturday,the COE said it continues flash flood and landslide warnings for the northernand central regions, while others remain under flooding alert .

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