Local November 28, 2016 | 8:32 am

Traffic violators should feel penalty ‘in their wallet’

Santo Domingo.- Metropolitan Transit Authority (AMET) directorFrener Bello on Sunday called for more drastic penalties against motorists whoviolate traffic laws.

"Parallel to the prevention and guidanceefforts, it’s necessary to increase the consequences so that traffic violatorsfeel their bad behavior in their wallet," the official said.

Speaking to conclude "Road National SafetyWeek 2016" held in the capital’s Mirador Sur Park, Bello said it shouldn’tbe possible that negligent drivers involved in accidents with multiple deaths areeasily released and continue driving. "It cannot be that drivers ticketed ondozens of violations remain on the streets driving and causing accidents."

Bello added that Road Safety Week seeks tocreate awareness, during which AMET cops wrote more than 5,000 "educationalfines" to as many drivers.

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