Local January 31, 2018 | 1:59 pm

Greens defend movement’s strength despite low turnout

Santo Domingo,- A leader of the grassroots movement Marcha Verde (Green March) on Mon. defended its strength noting that never before in recent history had such a large demonstration been staged near the National Palace.

Jhonatan Liriano said the movement has also had a “qualitative leap forward” and has concrete proposals to transform the institutional system it ensured fosters corruption and impunity in the country.

The social activist responded to reports of low attendance to last Sunday’s protest in front of the National Palace and alleged little support in social networks, its strongest niche.

“This demonstration also has a symbolic weight because it’s against the political power of the Dominican Republic,” Liriano said, quoted by El Caribe.

“It’s a qualitative step because it no longer makes general statements, but is directly accusing the president of the Republic.”

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