Local September 3, 2018 | 5:14 pm

New US envoy meets with the Foreign Minister as a hot post awaits

J. Brewster, R. Bernstein. File.

Santo Domingo.- The new U.S. ambassador, Robin Barnstein, Mon. morning presented the accreditation documents to Foreign minister, Miguel Vargas, at a ceremony held in the Foreign Ministry.

The diplomat, who arrived in the country Thursday, said she plans to present her credentials to president Danilo Medina next Thursday.

The diplomat pledged to focus on the issues of education and support for the fight against natural disasters, given the constant passage of tropical cyclones through the Caribbean country.

The post of U.S. envoy had been vacant since Jan. 2017, when James “Wally” Brewster resigned once Donald Trump took office.

Brewster clashed often with Dominican personalities for his critique of government corruption and for defending the rights of the LGBT community.

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