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High Court Justice scandal reveals an incompetent Judiciary

B. Sanchez. File

Santo Domingo.-  Supreme Court justice Miriam Germán on Wed. said the Justice Ministry’s version that her telephone wasn’t tapped, “doesn’t jibe.”

Deputy prosecutor Bolívar Sánchez told reporters that Germán’s telephone was going to be intercepted on his orders and that the measure resulted from an investigation into an alleged drug trafficker who had faked his death and who later committed suicide in November 2018, who allegedly had several calls to that number.

He said the man, whom he identified as Richard Miguel Gloss Ovalles and / or Richard Molina Ovalles, was the one who built a villa for German near a south-central city.

“But that’s not true, then that does not jibe, with what he says he was a mistake and that it was not my phone,” she told Diario Libre. When asked why the official’s version didn’t jibe,” Germán stressed: “Because if he made a mistake, then why did they have my phone?”

As to Gloss Ovalles/Molina Ovalleo, suspected of drug trafficking, German said she never knew him as a criminal and that he did his job in a normal manner. “I never knew him as a criminal, I knew him as a man with a lot of work and if you hire someone, even to install a window, you have to request a no-priors, then we are fucked.”

Clash by top prosecutor, high Court Justice rocks the government

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