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ARS have spent RD $ 290 million on dengue and fevers

Interview with Dr. Nereyda Solano about dengue. The interview was conducted at the Robert Reíd Cabral Children's Hospital. Today / Arlenis Castillo / 08/28/19.

From January to August of this 2019, eight Health Risk Administrators (ARS) have spent RD $ 290 million treating patients with fever and dengue.

This is confirmed by data from the National Health Insurance (SeNaSa) and the seven insurers that make up the Association of Health Risk Administrators (Adars). The state insurer has spent RD $ 140 million just in the months January-August of this year, in the contributory and subsidized regimes.

However, the number of patients treated with dengue cannot be precisely established, due to problems with the diagnosis. The total number of patients who have been treated with fever and dengue symptoms in the contributory and subsidized regimes is 82,328 people. Of that amount, 36,834 are contributory and 330,033 are subsidized, which are taken care of in the hospitals of the network. The seven main private ARSs have paid RD $ 150 million for treatments and studies related to dengue and febrile conditions, confirmed José Manuel Vargas, executive director of ADARS.

Dengue has been an epidemic in the country for a few months, has claimed more than 40 lives, although the authorities maintain 10 deaths in bulletin number 31.

The Metropolitan Hospital of Santiago (Homs) has received 34, 89 people affected by dengue from week one to present, with zero mortality. Most of those patients, 55%, come from Santiago, for 61.2% and 13.5% come from the Espaillat province. The majority is five to 14 years old.

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