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Officials recommend going to doctor if skin lesions are observed

Scabies or scabies causes night itching. FILE/DAILY DIRECTORY

The Minister of Health urges the population not to be alarmed by the cases of scabies detected in Haiti since it is an easy condition to cure.


Santo Domingo, DR
The Minister of Public Health assured yesterday that the country maintained the epidemiological surveillance of active observation in the border zone and urged the population to go to the doctor when skin lesions are observed for a correct diagnosis and treatment.

Through its consular authorities, Dr. Daniel Rivera said that the Dominican Republic has been in communication with the Haitian authorities to follow up on information about the increase of cases of a disease similar to scabies in Haiti.

He recalled that scabies or human scabies are endemic diseases, well known by dermatology specialists, so it is important that if people see any lesion on their skin, they go to the doctor.

The official affirmed that the country maintains vigilance in the border zone. However, as the Dominican Society of Dermatology says, the population should not be alarmed because it is a disease easy to cure and prevent, especially with hygiene, cleanliness, and creams.

He said that for the disease to spread, there must be direct contact with the affected person, and with the appropriate treatment, the symptoms disappear after four days.

“What people have to do is to go to the doctor, to determine what type of disease the affected person has, since there are many skin diseases,” he said.

He pointed out that the Dominican consul in Juana Mendez, Haiti, has contacted the authorities of that nation regarding the cases and measures are being taken on both sides. He said that in the border zone, everything is normal and that so far, there have not been any problems of this type.

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