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Indrhi intervenes irrigation systems to guarantee water to producers in Barahona

Source: ZDigital

The National Institute of Hydraulic Resources (Indrhi), through its regional office in Yaque del Sur, reported that it is developing an extensive rehabilitation and cleaning program for irrigation canals, as directed by the entity’s executive director, Olmedo Caba Romano, to ensure the supply of water for agricultural production in the southwestern region. The interventions include the cleaning of the La Lista canal in the municipality of Cabral, which distributes water to 2,000 tasks carried out by more than 90 producers who grow bananas, bananas, cassava, corn, beans, and eggplant, among other things, to meet a portion of the food demand and ensure the sustenance of their families. The conduction road is three kilometers long, and sediment extraction will take place across its entire length. Manuel Pineda, director of the regional Yaque del Sur, based in this province, expressed this sentiment. He emphasized that Indrhi is also repairing the conduction tunnel of the pumping station in La Lista, Cabral municipality, and cleaning the six kilometers of the Miramar drainage in the Canoa municipal district in the province.

In that order, he also reported on the repair work on the six-inch submersible pump, which will soon be operational in the Saladillo community, Las Salinas municipality, benefiting some 70 banana and minor fruit producers by ensuring irrigation in 1,500 demarcation tasks. He also stated that the entity has completed the sediment extraction work in the Rio Viejo drainage system, in the municipal district of Pescaderia, and that the actions will be carried out gradually in the municipalities of Las Salinas, Paraiso, and other areas that encompass the region.

“The goal of these executions is to ensure irrigation in agricultural properties in the face of rains that generate sediment drag,” Pineda explained. Finally, he stated that INDRHI collaborates with the Yaque del Sur Irrigation Board to maintain the flow of water for agricultural production.


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