Local December 30, 2023 | 9:00 am

Traveling to the interior to celebrate the New Year

Santo Domingo—Yesterday, hundreds of people departed from the National District to different communities of the country, hoping to receive the New Year in a family atmosphere and with childhood friends.

Although not with the number of travelers expected by those in charge of the different bus terminals, where the ticket prices remained unchanged, the gradual increase of travelers was visible in the same, expecting a significant increase for today, Saturday 30.

During a tour made by media reporters of the stops located at kilometer 9 of the Duarte Highway, Pinturas (Prolongación 27 de Febrero), Duarte Avenue at the corner of 27 de Febrero, and Enriquillo Park, among others, the number of travelers was increasing as the hours passed.

Hundreds of passengers could be seen heading to the South, Cibao, and East regions, carrying bundles, bags, and sacks, on the occasion of the long holiday for the New Year’s celebration.

According to driver Agripino Reyes, who was on his way to Neiba, the number of passengers was not what they expected.

Clara Ovalles said she was leaving the capital to spend time with her mother and other family members but would return immediately for work reasons. Another happy traveler is Osvaldo Ortiz, who anticipated he would wake up traveling and drinking with his loved ones at dawn.

To guarantee the road safety of travelers and to reduce deaths due to traffic accidents, the Emergency Operations Center (COE) has 46,000 members of the armed forces, relief corps, and Civil Defense volunteers who participate in the operation “Conciencia Por la Vida 2023-2024” (Awareness for Life 2023-2024).

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