Local January 22, 2024 | 10:22 am

Santiago monorail: first tests set for April

Santiago, DR.- Engineer Jhael Isa Tavarez, overseeing the Santiago Monorail transportation system project, announced today that the initial tests for this mode of transportation are set to commence in April. Following the arrival of the first train and four cars on January 19, the engineer disclosed that these tests, involving the vehicles’ initial rolling phases, will continue until 2025—the designated date for the opening of the first commercial section.

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This inaugural section will run from Station 01 in Santiago Oeste (Cienfuegos) to the Central Station, situated in the professional building on Las Carreras Avenue. Upon reaching this point, it will integrate with the Santiago Cable Car transportation system, slated to inaugurate operations in March 2024.

Isa clarified that the electromechanical phase of the project initiates with the ongoing tests, involving the connection of the train to the concrete track—a process completed between Station 01 and Station 03. Following this, the train is placed on the track, and the electrification installation process begins.

The engineer cautioned that the subsequent stage, scheduled for April 2024, is termed “phase zero.” He emphasized that this phase is not aimed at the commercial transportation of passengers but rather focuses on adjusting the electromechanical components.

Isa shared these details during an event attended by Santiago authorities, who witnessed the arrival of the train and cars.

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