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Strengthening education: ISFODOSU launches EFCCE in San José de Ocoa

San José de Ocoa, DR.- The Instituto Superior de Formación Docente Salomé Ureña (ISFODOSU) launched the Estrategia de Formación Continua Centrada en la Escuela (EFCCE) program in District 03-03 of the San José de Ocoa province.

This initiative aims to enhance teacher training in Math and Spanish Language for the First Cycle of Primary Level, ultimately improving student learning processes.

The EFCCE program has already demonstrated success in other districts, including 02-03 of Las Matas de Farfán, 02-05 of San Juan Este, and 02-06 of San Juan Oeste, all belonging to regional 02 of San Juan.

Teacher Anthony Paniagua, executive vice-rector of the Urania Montás Campus (UM) in San Juan, represented ISFODOSU rector Dra. Nurys del Carmen González at the launch ceremony. He emphasized the institution’s commitment to transforming Dominican education through paradigm shifts.

“Today’s students are different,” Paniagua declared. “As an institution of higher education, we remain committed to promoting transformation and paradigm changes. We strive to influence your personal and professional development, going beyond undergraduate training. Programs like EFCCE, along with our postgraduate and continuing education offerings, address the system’s needs by providing relevant training.”

Sandra Encarnación, director of District 03-03, lauded the program’s potential for nationwide expansion. Luis Gregorio Sánchez Rossi, sub-director of Regional 03 of Azua, urged participants to grasp the project’s scope and its positive impact on education.

Program structure and achievements

Dr. María Del Rosario, EFCCE Program coordinator, outlined the program’s four-pronged structure:

  • Continuous training and accompaniment: This component offers teachers diplomas, workshops, and ongoing pedagogical support to refine their teaching practices.
  • Learning resources: Educators receive updated and relevant educational materials to enhance their lesson delivery.
  • Evaluation and monitoring: The program undergoes constant evaluation to ensure effectiveness and facilitate necessary adjustments.
  • Institutional strengthening: Educational institutions receive capacity-building support for effective program management.

Dr. Del Rosario highlighted the program’s success in training over a thousand teachers, pedagogical coordinators, and supervisors in initial literacy diplomas for Spanish Language and Mathematics. “The program emphasizes competency-based training for learning evaluation,” she added.

The launch ceremony, held at the Padre Luis Quinn Hall of the San José de Ocoa City Hall, was well-attended by local dignitaries. These included Ondina Ortega, subdirector of the Instituto Nacional de Formación y Capacitación del Magisterio (INAFOCAM), representatives from the Ministry of Education (MINERD) and the National Council for Children and Adolescents (CONANI), alongside esteemed educators from ISFODOSU itself.

Additionally, representatives from the National Institute for Early Childhood Care (INAIPI), the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), and the Ministry of Women (MMujer) demonstrated their support by their presence, highlighting the broad community engagement surrounding this important initiative.

Artistic presentations by student groups “Los Lectores de Santa Báez” and “Talento Luisa Ozema Pellerano” from the Santa Báez and Luisa Ozema Pellerano schools respectively enlivened the event.

A policy for pedagogical progress

The EFCCE program forms part of the Ministry of Education’s (MINERD) pedagogical training policy, implemented by ISFODOSU as the training institution. It targets teachers, pedagogical coordinators, principals of First Cycle Primary schools, regional and district technicians, and representative members of the entire educational community.

The EFCCE program’s core objective is to foster the development of prescribed curricular competencies in Spanish Language and Mathematics for students in the First Cycle of Primary Level, ensuring they acquire these skills at the appropriate age and time. Additionally, it seeks to strengthen the pedagogical processes within educational centers to guarantee quality education for all children.

With its established track record and a clear focus on improving student learning, the EFCCE program promises to be an asset in San José de Ocoa and potentially across the Dominican Republic.

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