Local January 25, 2024 | 8:31 am

Barahona highway pass has been rehabilitated

Barahoba, DR.- The Ministry of Public Works has announced the completion of the rehabilitation of the passage connecting Barahona and Pedernales provinces, following the landslides on Tuesday at the “El Derrumbao” hill in the San Rafael area.

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Ezequiel Amador, the regional director of Public Works, stated that teams worked diligently to compact the area, allowing cautious vehicular circulation to resume as the immediate priority.

Regarding the water issue, which reportedly led to the opening of the intake valve supplying several communities, Amador mentioned that addressing this matter would be undertaken in subsequent efforts.

The landslide occurred on Tuesday along the Derrumbao highway section, creating traffic disruptions between Enriquillo and Barahona, specifically between the El Coronel bridge and the La Ciénaga community near the San Rafael resort.

It was reported that a group of armed individuals, threatening employees, entered the aqueduct intake site supplying water to Bahoruco, La Ciénaga, El Arroyo, Juan Esteban, El Quemaito, and part of Barahona. As a precaution, the intake gate was closed, but the individuals, through sabotage, breached the closure, causing water to overload the conduction pipe and triggering the landslide at the identified point of breakdown.

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