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Duartiano Institute expresses concerns over potential taxation on national flag acquisition

Santo Domingo.- The President of the Duartiano Institute, Wilson Gómez Ramírez, has raised a thought-provoking concern regarding the potential imposition of the Tax on Transfers of Industrialized Goods and Services (ITBIS) for acquiring the national flag. This perspective stands in contrast to the common practice in most countries where the national flag, a symbol of patriotism, is typically available to citizens free of charge. Gómez Ramírez expressed these sentiments during a poignant floral tribute ceremony held at the Altar of the Homeland, marking the solemn occasion of the 208th anniversary of the birth of the esteemed patrician, Ramón Matías Mella.

During this commemorative event, attended by directors, members, and collaborators of the Duartiano Institute, Gómez Ramírez not only highlighted concerns about potential taxation on acquiring the national flag but also deplored the misuse of national symbols, including the coat of arms, in various public institutions. Additionally, he expressed dismay at the prolonged delay of a legislative project, now spanning 14 years, aimed at safeguarding land sovereignty along a specific border strip. This project, strategized for security purposes, is intended to grant privileges to Dominicans in the acquisition of ownership of these lands, as opposed to foreigners.

Gómez Ramírez underscored the historical significance of Mella, emphasizing that he “died with the singular distinction of being twice a hero of the Republic.” Mella played pivotal roles in both the liberation of the Dominican people from Haitian rule, proclaiming Independence, and later, with determination, in the Restoration War, achieving victory and attaining the position of vice president of the Republic in arms.

He recounted the crucial role Mella played on the night of February 27, 1844, at the Puerta de la Misericordia, motivating fellow Dominicans and firing his blunderbuss before proceeding to the Baluarte del Conde, where the first raising of the National Flag took place.

While highlighting Mella’s extensive civil and military roles, including commander in arms, minister of war, governor, and minister plenipotentiary, Gómez Ramírez urged fellow Dominicans to follow the enduring legacy of the Homeland’s heroes—Duarte, Sánchez, and Mella. He emphasized the importance of preserving the country’s freedom and sovereignty while advocating for the principles and norms outlined in the Substantive Charter of the Nation.

The Duartiano Institute, an official and autonomous body founded in 1964, plays a crucial role in promoting the ideals, life, and example of the patrician Juan Pablo Duarte. Ensuring respect for Duarte’s memory, preserving his image and good name, and disseminating national values and historical events are key aspects of the institute’s mission. By bringing Juan Pablo Duarte’s story to the people, the institute aspires to contribute to the creation of better citizens and a just, fair, and happy country, in alignment with the dreams of the father of the nation.

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