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INFOTEP and Tecnocarprocs host job fair in Villa Tapia Free Zone

Salcedo, Hermanas Mirabal, DR.– The National Institute for Technical and Professional Training (INFOTEP) partnered with Tecnocarprocs to host a job fair in the Villa Tapia free zone. The event aimed to fill 120 of the 650 positions that will become available in the coming months.

The job fair, held at the INFOTEP Hermanas Mirabal Technological Center, received 424 applications. Openings spanned various professional and technical fields, including accounting, reception, human resources, data processing, mechanics, industrial electricity, area supervision, electromechanical engineering, forklift operation, manual labor, blacksmithing, warehousing, security, janitorial services, and landscaping.

Professor Rafael Santos Badía, INFOTEP’s director general, highlighted the initiative’s role in strengthening local economies and job creation. He emphasized that INFOTEP’s expansion, supported by President Luis Abinader, brings training and capacity building closer to communities. This, in turn, fosters investment opportunities and creates a skilled local workforce to fill newly created positions, ultimately benefiting the entire community.

Anllilo Guzmán, general manager of Tecnocarprocs, acknowledged the importance of INFOTEP in providing the diverse workforce needed for the company’s continuous growth. He explained that Tecnocarprocs will initially hire around 120 employees, with plans to expand to a total of 650 in the final phase.

This projected growth, according to Guzmán, reflects the company’s commitment to the economic and labor development of the region.

INFOTEP’s ongoing expansion program aims to reach 25 out of the 32 Dominican provinces this year. This initiative, focused on bringing training and education closer to the people, will involve the inauguration of eight large centers dedicated to training specialized technicians in various fields. These centers will contribute to providing a qualified workforce for the nation’s productive sectors.

Since its opening in 2023, the Hermanas Mirabal Technological Center has trained 345 participants in 21 different programs. These programs cover diverse areas such as residential electrical installations, plumbing, basic office software, pastry making, basic English, refrigeration, hairdressing, teaching methodology, acrylic nail application, beverage and cocktail preparation, and entrepreneurship accounting.

Additionally, five training actions were conducted specifically for company personnel, reaching 90 participants. As of 2024, 18 training actions are currently ongoing, with 430 participants enrolled.

Tecnocarprocs is a Dominican-Chinese joint venture company located in the Villa Tapia free zone. The company specializes in the collection and recycling of cardboard, paper, glass, and plastic. It operates nationwide and exports its raw materials to China through established agreements.

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