Local March 15, 2024 | 8:17 am

Government declines responsibility for journalist safety crossing from DR into Haiti

Santo Domingo.- The Dominican Republic’s Foreign Ministry has expressed its willingness to grant authorization for international media to enter Haiti via land routes, provided that the executives of these media outlets send a disclaimer to the Dominican Government. This decision comes in response to numerous complaints from various international media organizations currently in Dominican territory, seeking to travel to Haiti.

The Communication Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs disclosed this information, highlighting that media outlets have the option to depart from Haiti if they obtain permission from the Haitian government for their arrival. With air travel proving unfeasible, journalists have opted to enter Haiti via land borders. Consequently, the government has requested that the executives of these media outlets send letters disclaiming any responsibility to the Dominican authorities for situations that may arise within Haitian territory. So far, only one media outlet has fulfilled these requirements, according to the Foreign Ministry.

To gain approval for land travel, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs mandates a signed letter from the media’s executive, along with copies of passports for all personnel intending to travel to Haiti, as well as documentation and photos of the vehicle to be used.

Among the international media outlets awaiting authorization to cross into Haiti are NBC and BBC Mundo.

It is pertinent to note that in Haiti, the curfew in the Ouest department, home to the capital Port-au-Prince, has been extended for an additional three days. Additionally, a state of emergency remains in effect until April 3 due to escalating violence instigated by armed gangs. In an official statement, the Haitian Executive declared the curfew extension in the department, citing the need to restore order and implement appropriate measures to regain control amidst the ongoing turmoil. Several armed criminal gangs continue to assert control over significant areas of Port-au-Prince and other parts of the country, engaging in violent confrontations with the government of Prime Minister Ariel Henry, whom they demand to resign immediately.

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Paul Tierney
March 15, 2024 8:43 am

Anyone crossing the border from the RD into Haiti does so at their own risk. The RD should not be responsible for what may happen to them in Haiti and should not assume any risk to retrieve them if they become trapped.