Local April 2, 2024 | 8:16 am

Abinader monitors situation following violence at Haiti’s National Palace

Santo Domingo.- President Luis Abinader responded to the recent violence at the National Palace of Haiti by emphasizing that the Dominican Republic is closely monitoring the situation and remains prepared for any eventualities. Stressing the importance of maintaining national security, Abinader highlighted the need to observe events unfolding in neighboring Haiti.

“We must closely monitor everything happening in Haiti for the sake of our national security. This is recent news to me as well. I became aware of it through a note from Joel Santos, and we are actively following these developments,” stated Abinader.

The attack on Haiti’s National Palace by armed assailants resulted in several employees being trapped, with at least five police officers injured, including one in critical condition. Throughout the afternoon, intense shootings persisted in the area, accompanied by violent clashes in the nearby Champs de Mars public square between gang members and the police.

The armed assailants, affiliated with the ‘Live Together’ coalition led by Jimmy Cherizier, also known as ‘Barbecue’, have been responsible for escalating violence in Haiti.

According to reports from the international agency EFE, incidents of violence, including deaths, kidnappings, and looting, continue to plague the capital city of Haiti. Despite a recent decrease in violence levels following heightened tensions since the end of February, Monday witnessed intense clashes and shootings between armed gangs and law enforcement authorities.

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