Local April 19, 2024 | 9:27 am

Minerd calls for the 2024 Focused Teaching Opposition Competition

Santo Domingo.- The National Teaching Competition Commission, comprising the Ministry of Education of the Dominican Republic, the Dominican Association of Teachers (ADP), and the Ministry of Public Administration (MAP), officially declared the commencement of the 2024 Focused Teaching Opposition Contest. This contest aims to fill 8,024 vacant positions across various educational domains and levels in the country’s 18 Regional and 122 Districts for the upcoming school year 2024-2025.

The coordination of this competition falls under the purview of the Vice Ministry of Accreditation and Teaching Certification of Minerd, managed through the Competition Directorate. This body will oversee the design, coordination, supervision, and support throughout the process, ensuring adherence to established requirements and procedures to ensure quality and transparency. Moreover, it will evaluate the outcomes and provide follow-up for the selected teachers.

The available positions encompass specific specializations or curricular areas, including 1,459 for the Primary Level, 915 for the Initial Level, 294 for Spanish Language, 275 for Mathematics, 81 for Social Sciences, 371 for Natural Sciences, and 433 for Art Education. Additionally, there are openings for 446 in Physical Education, 611 in Foreign Languages (English), 323 in Foreign Languages (French), 388 in Comprehensive, Human, and Religious Formation, 323 in Educational Computing, 413 in Special Education, 143 in School Guidance, 908 in the Professional Technical Modality, and 641 in the Arts Modality.

The registration process will adhere to guidelines outlined in the call, with deadlines to be announced soon. Interested individuals must meet specified requirements and submit requisite documentation digitally and physically to the respective educational district within the designated timeframe.

Aligned with Departmental Order 16/2024, this initiative addresses the identified needs for teachers across various levels, subsystems, and educational modalities. It aims to attract graduates in Educational Sciences and related disciplines.

The Ministry of Education reaffirmed its steadfast commitment to educational quality and bolstering the teaching workforce. It encouraged participants to engage confidently in this significant selection process. Additionally, Minerd underscored the objective of attracting dedicated and skilled professionals committed to enhancing students’ comprehensive development and enduring learning.

The departmental order establishes the framework and prerequisites for participation in this contest, aligning with the Ministry of Education’s initiatives to elevate the nation’s educational standards.

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