Local April 20, 2024 | 9:28 am

DNCD seizes 400 packages of cocaine in Peravia province

Baní, Peravia, DR.- The National Drug Control Directorate (DNCD) and the Dominican Navy announced yesterday that they confiscated 400 packages of cocaine in a joint operation off the coast of Peravia province and arrested two men.

Alberto Beato and Miguel Angel Delgado were intercepted by authorities aboard a speedboat in which they were attempting to introduce the prohibited substances.

According to the anti-narcotics agency, after at least 16 hours of intense pursuit by air, sea, and land, the agents managed to intervene in the 27-foot boat. They seized the 400 packages with different logos, wrapped them in adhesive tape, and distributed them in 16 sacks.

During the operation, they also seized two outboard motors, each 75 horsepower, a cell phone, two GPS, 28 bottles of fuel, and life jackets, among other evidence.

More than 7 tons
According to DNCD spokesman, journalist Carlos Devers, during the first months of this year, 2024, the DNCD, supported by the Armed Forces, the Attorney General’s Office, and State intelligence agencies, has confiscated 7.3 tons of narcotics.

“Dominican authorities continue to develop joint operations against transnational drug trafficking crime, while reaffirming their unwavering commitment against criminal organizations,” he said.

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April 20, 2024 4:07 pm

tell us weight ,not “packages” …avoid deceptive journalism …

April 20, 2024 4:40 pm
Reply to  Renn Loren

state the amount please of seized drugs ,it’s not the first time “packages” without approximate weight was used ..

You just said it “presumed” …

Your shouldn’t be in business of “presumption ” , or “likely one kilo ” or one ton …

By letting readers guessing ,that leaves room speculative information and deception on our end (don’t want to use word “ineptness”)…

Yes ,everything is deceptive if not correctly stipulated ,regardless of information journalist received …

Or simply state ,…” we are currently unaware of exact amount seized “, but according to the packages size , could be in range of 400 kilos “.. ..

Motion pictures ,(películas) is not measurement we use in real life …

Don’t get offended right away , it can taint the mind and soul , and try to accept positive/negative input of your readers( if you want of course ,but you aren’t obliged)…

These uncertain days even smallest decimals matter ,never mind 400 kilos …

Last edited 1 month ago by Fundador