Local April 22, 2024 | 8:16 am

45 thousand fans attend the Capitalia Festival

Santo Domingo.- The inaugural edition of the Capitalia Festival can be deemed a resounding triumph, having drawn a crowd of 45,000 enthusiasts to the Felix Sánchez Olympic Stadium.

Juanes, Sting, Juan Luis Guerra, and Residente kept the audience entertained for approximately five hours, along with the opening act, Dominican rapper J Noa, who took the stage well in advance.

The concert was distinguished by its impeccable organization and production overseen by Saymon Díaz, who adeptly managed to unite such a massive crowd without major hiccups. Moreover, the event boasted a top-notch stage setup, featuring an impressive blend of lighting, sound, and pyrotechnics.

Colombian sensation Juanes kicked off the proceedings with a medley of his greatest hits, eliciting enthusiastic sing-alongs from the crowd.

From the get-go, the energy was palpable as Juanes engaged extensively with the audience, delivering a dynamic performance.

Around 9:50 PM, Sting took to the stage, effortlessly connecting with the audience. He engaged in Spanish with fans, ensuring they were thoroughly enjoying themselves. His set sparked great excitement, and his songs were relished by all.

Much to the surprise of attendees, Juan Luis Guerra graced the stage, defying expectations that he would close the event. With the infectious rhythm of “Rosalía,” the globally renowned Dominican merengue maestro had the crowd on their feet, some finding space to dance solo or with others. Guerra showcased his extensive repertoire of ballads, merengue, bachata, and new tracks.

A standout moment occurred when Guerra performed his iconic song “Bachata Rosa” and invited Juanes to join him in a duet.

Guerra’s participation was so impactful that many presumed it marked the end of the event. Consequently, after his performance concluded around 12:30 AM, some of the audience left the Olympic Center. Nonetheless, fireworks followed, a fitting finale to such a nature-loving event.

The night surprise

To the astonishment of all, Residente closed out the Capitalia Festival with a smaller audience. Many wondered why Residente was chosen to close the event, but no logical explanation was forthcoming.

Given the overwhelming success of the Capitalia Festival, it is presumed that its producer, Saymon Díaz of SD Concerts, will soon organize a follow-up event.

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Mr. Sensible
April 22, 2024 3:54 pm

So…no mention of the most internationally recognised singer. Figures….