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Ministry of Foreign Affairs launches Standardized Guide for “Dominican Week” abroad

Santo Domingo.- The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has introduced the Standardized Guide for the celebration of “Dominican Week” abroad. This publication is part of a strategy to promote the Dominican economy in international markets, a key aspect of the Dominican Government’s foreign policy aimed at strengthening political, social, and cultural ties with countries where the Dominican Republic has diplomatic and/or consular representation.

The launch event was led by Minister Roberto Álvarez, who stated, “Dominican Weeks are aligned with the second axis of our foreign policy. They can be organized by any Dominican embassy or consulate abroad with the primary goal of promoting the country in commercial, economic, cultural, and cooperation matters, among others. This guide allows the Dominican Government to institutionalize and standardize these actions, showcasing our best qualities and attracting the best of the world.”

Álvarez acknowledged the visionaries who first initiated the Dominican Week, recognizing their efforts to strengthen ties with the diaspora and enhance political and economic relationships, notably with the United States. He expressed gratitude to those who made the first Dominican Week in the United States (SEMADOM) in 1992 a reality.

The guide’s development resulted from research conducted by the Institutional Committee, comprising various Vice-Ministries and Directorates of MIREX. They analyzed the positive impact of Dominican Weeks on political relations and access to international markets, which have led to significant initiatives such as bilateral, commercial, and cooperation agreements.

A key contribution of the guide is the categorization of celebration levels, defining the frequency with which each Dominican mission abroad can hold its Dominican Week.

The event, attended by vice ministers and MIREX directors, also recognized individuals for their contributions to the development of Dominican Weeks in Washington: William Malamud, Executive Vice President of the American Chamber of Commerce of the Dominican Republic; Roberto Herrera, past president of AMCHANDR; and, posthumously, Víctor Thomen and Luis Heredia Bonetti.

Additionally, representatives from the private sector, Dominican and foreign ambassadors, and other notable personalities were present at the event.

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