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Security Companies Association assures that it complies with labor regulations

The Dominican Association of Security Companies (Adesinc) clarified yesterday that the companies that form this entity have an operating license issued by the Superintendence of Surveillance and Private Security and are audited with the frequency established for their renewal as a requirement for affiliation.

In a letter addressed to the director of this media, the security entity also states that its affiliated companies comply with the labor regulations established by the Ministry of Labor and that the salaries for formal private security employees are paid following those established by the National Wages Council (CNS).

“As of April 1, 2023, the base salary was RD$19,837 and the current salary, as of February 1 of this year, is RD$20,631, not including overtime,” the document states.

Adesinc assures that if the salaries of 2021 and 2022 to date are analyzed, an increase of close to 30% in three years can be observed, only of the minimum salary, since the average income of an officer can reach RD$29,000 with overtime, night and holiday hours.

Regulated working day
But in addition, Adesinc indicated that as officers engaged in private security, they are governed by Resolution 04-93, of the Ministry of Labor, on intermittent workers, which establishes a regular 10-hour workday.

It said that it had expressed its agreement to consider labor reform, flexibilization, and modernization of the working day for the benefit of the officers.

According to the document, private security companies are an excellent place for the labor and financial inclusion of young people, since when they obtain their first job they are included in the social security system, together with their families, and a bank account is opened for them, and from that moment on they begin to create their credit history.

As for weapons, it maintains that their treatment is established in Law 631-16 and that permits are regulated by the Ministry of Interior and Police.

The missive says that Adesinc promotes the continuous training of the sector’s colleagues, ensuring they have the necessary skills to perform their duties efficiently and professionally.

Regarding age, it said that there is no limit established in any sector since the right to work is a constitutional right and that as long as people have the capacity to perform the work for which they were hired, it is beneficial that they remain in employment.

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