Local June 24, 2024 | 3:25 pm

Zoodom and INCABIDE partner to protect seized exotic animals

Santo Domingo.- The National Zoo (Zoodom) has signed a collaboration agreement with the National Institute of Seized, Confiscated, and Extinction Assets (INCABIDE). This alliance will enable the relocation of exotic animals seized by authorities to Zoodom, where they will receive necessary care and attention from the center’s team of experts.

The agreement marks a significant milestone in the protection and conservation of exotic species, often victims of illegal trafficking and other illicit activities. Through this alliance, seized animals will be transferred to the National Zoo, where they will be provided with a suitable environment and their health and well-being will be ensured.

Zoodom’s team of technicians and specialists, with extensive experience in managing exotic species, will provide veterinary care, balanced feeding, and environmental enrichment. “This agreement is a sign of our commitment to the protection of exotic fauna and the fight against illegal animal trafficking,” said Patricia Toribio, director of the National Zoo.

Manuel Oviedo Estrada, director of INCABIDE, emphasized the importance of this alliance for ensuring the immediate well-being of the animals and contributing to their rehabilitation and possible reintegration into their natural habitat when feasible. “Collaboration with the National Zoo is essential to ensure that the seized animals are not only safe but also receive the necessary treatment for their recovery. In this way, we work for a better future for our exotic fauna and the preservation of the environment,” concluded Oviedo Estrada.

This agreement represents a significant step towards biodiversity conservation and reinforces the commitment of both institutions to the protection of animals and nature. It is also hoped that this collaboration will raise public awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife and combating the illegal trafficking of species.

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