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Sosua Ocean Village responds to Dominican Today

Sosua Ocean Village.

Dear “Anonymous Concerned Reader” and all readers of Dominican Today,

On behalf of Sosua Ocean Village we appreciate your deep concern for the environment of the North Coast of the Dominican Republic and our beautiful area of Sosua. Our development contributes a lot to the protection of environment, as we realize how important it is to take care of the nature.

We have reviewed the article, where you make several brave statements that are discrediting Sosua Ocean Village and are not always confirmed by reliable factual data. This leaves room for doubts regarding real motives of the letter. We would like to highlight that we are acting in complete accordance with the laws of the country and the requirements of the Ministry of Environment.

Sosua Ocean Village is one of the very few large residential communities on the North Coast with central sewage system. It allows us to avoid the pollution of soil and prevents the contaminated waste from penetrating in it, which can pose big threat to the health of people.

The main source of electricity for all the project’s needs is solar energy, we have our own solar power plant.  Our guests, office and maintenance staff use 16 solar cars and 30 electric golf carts to move around. Moreover, there are 2 solar shuttle buses that are free for all the residents, visitors and employees. Street lights are also solar. It is worth noting that the installation and operation of all the equipment is done according to the law and with the preparation of all the necessary documents.

We have created a unique family oriented environment in our efforts to transform the image of Sosua. Our main concern is safety and wellbeing of our residents that represent different countries – Dominican Republic, USA, Italy, Russia, Canada and many others. The development started in 2006 and we are currently employing more than 200 people directly and many more indirectly. During the development, some alterations of the landscape are inevitable; however we have tried our best to preserve beautiful large trees and plant new trees, palms, flowers, bushes, etc. We have lush greenery and cozy parks inside the community.

Sosua Ocean Village is home to a variety of family facilities, such as water park, playgrounds, countless pools, 3 restaurants, a boat bar, a spa, a family entertainment center Laguna SOV with a fishing lagoon, an amusement park for children of all ages and a the only licensed craft brewery on the North Coast. We support healthy lifestyle with our modern gym, tennis courts, and paths for walking, jogging and riding bicycles. The access to most facilities is open to the public, not only to the residents of SOV, so that everyone could enjoy the amazing amenities we have to offer.

The beach restoration project that started a while ago is an important milestone for SOV. Again, we are 100% complying with the laws and following the procedures required by the government. Environmental studies are in full swing. Public presentation with the owners of the properties in SOV, our neighbors and the public has been held. The beach restoration project received a lot of praise and interest, as all families will benefit from a safe swimming area that will be available all year round. The form of access to the beach is to be determined. It is important to mention that we not only plan to restore the beach, but also add amenities, such as restrooms, sunbeds, security, lighting, food and many more. The visitors will also get a chance to go snorkeling and enjoy the views of the specially planted corals and the variety of marine life.

Currently the future beach and family area is under construction, so the temporary fence structure has been installed for security reasons in order to prevent unregulated access to the property from the west side of SOV. Unfortunately, we became the victims of TV robbery that was successfully investigated together with the police. It turned out that the thieves entered the property from the side of our neighbors, so the police recommended installing the fence.

We prefer to leave absurd statements about dumping “who knows what” in the ocean, tearing arrecife and the accusations of disappearance of dolphins and whales without comment. Such logic could also allow to blame us for the fact that people and animals residing in SOV are constantly breathing, which eventually leads to global warming.

The rapid growth and success of Sosua Ocean Village attracts wide attention. On numerous occasions we have received requests from some of the neighbors for purchasing the adjoining land lots and even cut the trees inside our property that interfere with neighboring lots. However, we have been following our strategy and our goal is to focus on developing the existing area of SOV and improving it even further.

The photos of Sosua Ocean Village are attached and we would like to welcome everyone to visit our community. We would be happy to give you a tour and show you everything it has to offer. We are always at your service.

Best regards,

Sosua Ocean Village.


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