People December 2, 2015 | 9:20 am

US Embassy offers US postgraduate scholarships for local educators

Santo Domingo.- The US Embassyon Tuesday announced the call for a scholarship programs of the AmericanInstitutes for Educators to study in the United States Institutes (SUSI), conductedin the United States and directed to postgraduate university teachers.

Six groups of 18educators from various countries will share studies during six weeks focused onContemporary American Literature, Journalism and Mass Communication, ReligiousPluralism, Culture and Society, and Foreign Policy and Political Thought.

“The program ofAmericans for Teachers of Secondary Education Institutes will take place in thecourse of five weeks beginning on or after May 2016 and will be directedtowards three groups: two groups will focus on classroom teaching ; and thethird group will be composed of people who are dedicated to teacher training,curriculum development, authors of books and official of the Ministry ofEducation,” the US Embassy said in an emailed statement.

The SUSI program aims toprovide university professors and high school teachers and administrators theopportunity to widen their understanding of society, culture, values ??andinstitutions. “At the same time, it seeks to help develop curricula to improvethe quality of teaching about the United States in academic institutionsabroad.”

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