People February 9, 2016 | 10:04 am

What’s in Hyundai name: India, Argentina, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- Outlet reports Tuesday thatHyundai has introduced the HyundaiCreta in the Dominican Republic, but decided instead to call it the‘Hyundai Cantus’ for that market.

“Some of the noteworthy exterior features include projectorheadlamps, chrome radiator…” and continues with more accessories.

But why the name change? Although the statement doesn’t givea reason, “creta” is considered vulgar in Dominican society, where the word islinked to an intimate area of the body.

“La creta!” is sometimes heard and resembles the American/Englishexpression “holy s..t!:

US automaker Chevrolet had a similar experience in Argentinain the 1970s when it introduced the Chevy NOVA, because “no va” simp;y means, “won’tgo!”

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