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“Isla de sangre”: play about the indigenous women of Quisqueya

Santo Domingo.- On October 12th, in honor of Columbus Day, a special theatrical production titled “Isla de Sangre,” written by Cristian Martínez and produced by Fausto Rojas is set to grace the stage at the Ravelo Room of the Eduardo Brito National Theater.

This artistic endeavor promises to deliver a unique and immersive experience by seamlessly blending narrative, painting, and literature, all aimed at shining a spotlight on the rich heritage of indigenous women within the history of Quisqueya.

Nileny Dippton, a talented actress who assumes multiple roles within the play, shares that “Blood Island” was conceived with the intent of elevating the culture rooted in ancestry and showcasing the legacy born from the union of two worlds.

Initially envisioned as a monologue, the storyline expanded as Cristian Martínez penned it, breathing life into several pivotal characters. Nileny Dippton remarkably transforms into over ten characters, embodying historical figures like Attabeira, Anacaona, Christopher Columbus, and Nicolás de Ovando, among others. One of the central characters is the great goddess Attabeira, a storyteller who communicates with the earth and foresees future events.

Throughout the narrative, Attabeira assumes the role of explaining the formation of the new continent and introduces the great birther, Itiba Cahubaba, who recounts how the island came into existence and why she had four children representing the cardinal points: North, South, East, and West.

The title of the production, “Isla de Sangre” (Island of Blood), poignantly evokes the connection between Taíno women and their ancestral land, emphasizing their impact on history and their indispensable role in society.

As the story unfolds, the title gains depth by recalling the cultural encounter and the challenges faced with the arrival of the Spanish. In an interview with Listín Diario, Nileny Dippton revealed that the inaugural performance of the play will feature a mini gallery, allowing attendees to view illustrations of the characters brought to life on stage. Each image serves as a portal to the past, transporting spectators to the most significant and captivating moments in history.

“The project aspires for people to embrace this work and recognize the cultural richness of Quisqueya. We are not inventing history through art; we are telling them that you have a real culture with beauty. You have a country full of treasures to explore and appreciate,” concluded Dippton.

Performance dates and times are as follows: Thursday the 12th, Friday the 13th, and Saturday the 14th of October at 8:30 p.m., and Sunday the 15th of October at 6:30 p.m. at the Ravelo Room of the Eduardo Brito National Theatre.

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