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Iconic comedian Luisito Martí honored with sculpture and mural at Parque del Este

Santo domingo.- In a poignant ceremony overseen by Santo Domingo Este’s mayor, Manuel Jiménez, the beloved figure of Luisito Martí, also known as Luis Bernardo Marte Hernández, has been immortalized at the Parque del Este amphitheater, now proudly renamed in his honor. The sculpture, capturing the essence and charisma of the iconic comedian, stands as a enduring tribute to his profound artistic legacy.

Accompanying the bust is a mural showcasing his most iconic characters, including Casimiro, Balbuena, Don Efraín, and Lamparita, commemorating their significant contributions to comedy and Dominican culture. This artistic gesture enriches the cultural landscape of the venue, transforming the amphitheater into a space where art and memory seamlessly converge.

The ceremony, coinciding with the celebration of Luisito Martí’s birth on February 1, featured the emotional presence of his children—Luisin, Kaki, and Omar—who shared the moment with prominent national figures. The event evolved into a heartfelt gathering filled with nostalgia and gratitude, reflecting on an icon who has left an indelible mark on Dominican comedy.

Mayor Manuel Jiménez emphasized the importance of preserving the cultural legacy of luminaries like Luisito Martí and reaffirmed the municipality’s dedication to honoring those who have significantly enriched the community’s cultural tapestry.

With the unveiling of the sculpture and the poignant presence of Martí’s loved ones, Parque del Este transforms into a communal space for admiration and reflection, underscoring the enduring significance of Martí in the fabric of Dominican identity.

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