Tourism September 25, 2020 | 1:42 pm

Paola Rainieri reveals there are offers in hotel rates that range between $25 or $30 dollars

Paola Rainieri

 Although they vary according to their location or tourist pole


Paola Rainieri, president of the Association of Hotels and Tourism of the Dominican Republic ( Asonahores ), highlighted that each hotel is trying to lower its rate to the minimum possible, to reduce costs and stimulate domestic tourism.

“There are offers that range between $25 or $30, although the rates vary according to their location or tourist pole and all the hotels are reopening their doors, ready to take advantage of the November-April high season,” she said.

She affirmed that the entity is committed to the Incentive Plan for Internal Tourism announced by the Government since the authorities are making every effort to reactivate the sector.

“We have received great support from the Government, and it makes every effort to reactivate all actors in the sector, including travel agencies and the intermediation chain,” she emphasized.

Rainieri also indicated, after participating in the launch ceremony of the Incentive Plan for Internal Tourism, that the hotel sector is committed to the official plan and the work scheme of the Ministry of Tourism ( Mitur ).

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