Tourism February 20, 2024 | 2:33 pm

Minister David Collado unveils revitalized Duarte Park in Montecristi

Montecristi, DR.– Tourism Minister David Collado inaugurated the revamped Duarte Park in San Fernando, Montecristi, this Tuesday, after a thorough reconstruction exceeding RD$35 million.

Spanning a generous 4,935 square meters, the project revitalized the heart of Montecristi’s Duarte Central Park. “We’re back here today, keeping our promise to deliver this iconic park to Montecristi, fully restored,” Minister Collado declared.

He emphasized how this project exemplifies the Ministry’s dedication to propelling Montecristi’s tourism potential. The park’s facelift includes the iconic Montecristi Clock Tower, meticulously restored to its former glory and reclaiming its position as the area’s centerpiece – a historical treasure and architectural gem of the Dominican Republic.

Furthermore, the project encompassed rebuilding the sidewalks and curbs bordering the park, alongside a refreshed outer fence. Design enhancements include new pavements, captivating landscaping, and modern lighting.

Not only were the entrance fountains refurbished and equipped, but the bust of Juan Pablo Duarte also received a facelift. Additionally, an innovative rainwater drainage system was incorporated, utilizing a network of pipes and complementary infrastructure to effectively manage rainfall runoff.

Spearheaded by Sixto Brea and his team at the Tourism Zone Infrastructure Execution Committee (CEIZTUR), the project signifies a significant investment in Montecristi’s future, costing RD$35,616,215.21.

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