Tourism April 24, 2024 | 4:05 pm

ECLAC points out challenges for sustainable tourism in Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo.- The report titled “Tourism Sustainability from a Territorial Perspective: Studies in Costa Rica, Panama, and the Dominican Republic” sheds light on indicators that offer a comprehensive view of how countries can develop potential tourist destinations that not only attract visitors but also benefit local communities while respecting their values.

According to Cepal, sustainable tourism goes beyond providing environmentally sustainable natural attractions; it also entails contributing to the social, cultural, economic, and environmental development of countries, along with effective sector management.

In the Dominican Republic, the evaluation covered 23 out of 24 main indicators of tourism sustainability. The study identifies that the key areas for improvement in the Dominican Republic lie in the management of tourist destinations. Deficiencies in strategic planning, legal frameworks, certifications, personnel training, and women’s safety are highlighted.

Comparing the realities of the main tourist destinations in the Dominican Republic, Panama, and Costa Rica, the research underscores the lack of information for managing tourism sustainability in destinations and the limited use of data for planning and decision-making.

Despite the variations among destinations, governance emerges as a cross-cutting element that influences other dimensions to achieve sustainability. Local governments’ capacity to integrate sustainability into their strategic plans is hindered by inadequate sustainability training and a shortage of dedicated personnel.

In response to these challenges, ECLAC recommends the establishment of a Diploma in Destination Management. This postgraduate program, already initiated by the Ministry of Tourism, aims to enhance the technical skills of officials, educate university students in sustainability and territorial management, and foster continuity in the implementation and analysis of indicators.

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