Tourism June 23, 2024 | 4:31 pm

Minister Collado launches $32M renovation of Guayacanes’ Marcelino Marte Plaza

San Pedro de Macorís.- On Sunday, Tourism Minister David Collado initiated the reconstruction of Marcelino Marte Plaza, also known as Canito, in Guayacanes. The project will see an investment of over RD$32 million.

Spanning a total area of 3,690 square meters, the revitalized Plaza Marcelino Marte is set to become a central hub in Guayacanes, enhancing both the local community and the region’s tourism appeal.

The intervention includes the reconstruction of 1,190 square meters of cobblestone paths around the entire perimeter of the park, the 160-square-meter plaza, and the park itself.

The reconstruction of the basketball court, the construction of new bleachers, the refurbishment of the surface, and a sports lighting system for better use of the area will also be carried out.

Minister Collado said that the start of this work responds to an old demand from Guayacanes residents and highlighted its impact on tourism in the destination and the community.

“This intervention will have a direct impact on the community and strengthens this beautiful destination,” said the official, who was accompanied by local and provincial authorities, as well as tourism entrepreneurs.

The reconstruction of the Plaza, popularly known as Canito, includes the reconstruction of 580 square meters of sidewalks and 648 linear meters of curbs around the entire park.

The entire intervention includes lighting, landscaping, an access ramp, and signage on the road to provide the community with a better recreational and sports space.

The work will be carried out by the Executive Committee for Infrastructure in Tourist Zones (CEIZTUR), which is headed by Yaneris Then, for a total amount of RD$32,599,344.30.

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