Tourism June 24, 2024 | 8:12 am

Launch of English Program for Employability in Pedernales

Pedernales, DR.- The Ministry of Higher Education, Science, and Technology (MESCyT) and the tourism sector of Pedernales province have announced the launch of the English Program for Employability, aimed at tourism workers in the Southern region.

Franklin García Fermín, head of MESCyT, stated that the program’s first stage will impact 10,000 students in the southern area. He emphasized that Pedernales is experiencing significant development, particularly in the tourism industry, making it crucial to enhance service quality through the training of skilled human resources.

Provincial governor Altagracia Brea de González encouraged all citizens to seize every opportunity to strengthen their knowledge and skills. “There is no better place for a Pedernales resident to have more opportunities than in their own land,” she remarked.

Carlos Peguero, vice minister of tourism for International Cooperation and executive director of the Pedernales Tourism Development Project, highlighted the government’s shift from promises to actions. “We are preparing the people to receive the positive impact that is coming. This will be the first destination in the Caribbean and Latin America designed with sustainability from the beginning,” he concluded.

Bishop Andrés Napoleón Romero Cárdenas of the Diocese of Barahona underscored the importance of supporting development projects that benefit the Southern region. “We are glad that your eyes, hands, and hearts are focused on continuing to create interesting initiatives for this great province, which has waited patiently for many years,” he added.

English for Employability

The English Program for Employability is based on a self-learning platform aligned with all levels of the Common European Framework, offering over 2,000 hours of content, multimedia material, and interactive exercises with voice recognition for pronunciation. Students can achieve English proficiency from A1 to C2 levels, including industry-specific English. The program features daily classes, learning tools, a translator, standardized leveling tests, progress monitoring, a grammar and pronunciation lab, articles, and other resources.

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