Local February 8, 2022 | 9:35 am

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Seaweed mess needs cooperation

Ulises Jáuregui, doctor of technical sciences and coordinator of the doctorate in environmental sciences at INTEC University, assured that the integration of national and regional organizations could contribute to dealing with the problem of sargassum on the coasts, which he said is not only a problem of Dominican Republic.

“I think that to support and solve the problem there must be an integration of national and regional organizations, to face this problem,” he said.

Jáuregui said that with integrated management systems and facilitating research, it would be possible to see what are the efficient uses that could be given to the large volume of biomass from sargassum, which he considered to be “very useful and have various applications.”

The expert assured that sargassum is not only a problem in the Dominican Republic, but in the entire Caribbean region and other Latin American countries, because it makes a route from its origin between Brazil and Africa.

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