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Minister if Economy meets in Morocco with the vice president of the World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean

Morocco.- The Minister of Economy, Planning, and Development, Pável Isa Contreras, recently engaged in a productive bilateral meeting with Carlos Felipe Jaramillo, the Vice President of the World Bank for Latin America and the Caribbean. The primary focus of their discussion revolved around the World Bank’s support for advancing the Dominican Republic’s priority areas.

This meeting took place as part of the Annual Meetings of the World Bank, occurring from October 9 to 15. Minister Isa Contreras, representing the Dominican Republic, was accompanied by Luis Madera Sued, the Vice Minister of Planning and Public Investment from the Ministry of Economy. During these meetings, Minister Isa Contreras also participated in various gatherings organized by the International Monetary Fund.

The key topics of discussion between the Dominican Minister of Economy and the World Bank’s Vice President for Latin America and the Caribbean revolved around the Dominican Republic’s agenda within the framework of the Country Strategy for 2022-2026. This strategy was approved by the World Bank’s board of directors on March 31, 2022, following close collaboration with the Ministry of Economy, Planning, and Development, as well as other relevant ministries and authorities. The Ministry of Economy serves as the primary liaison for coordinating these efforts.

Minister Isa Contreras emphasized that during the meeting with Jaramillo, they conducted a thorough review of the Dominican Republic’s economic performance, covering aspects such as growth, inflation, employment, the external sector, and fiscal stability. Additionally, they delved into environmental challenges and the preservation of natural resources during the initial part of their dialogue.

Jaramillo expressed the World Bank’s commitment to continue supporting the Dominican Republic in its economic recovery and the implementation of essential reforms aimed at achieving more inclusive, resilient, and sustainable growth.

The primary areas of focus for cooperation between the Dominican Republic and the World Bank include drinking water, energy, social protection, territorial planning, education, climate change, and health, particularly in primary healthcare.

“In the second part of the meeting, we discussed the World Bank’s Cooperation Framework with the Dominican Republic, as well as the financing and technical assistance projects being promoted. These projects encompass health, drinking water and sanitation, social protection, employment, and initiatives aimed at enhancing resilience against climate change,” explained Minister Isa Contreras.

He stressed the mutual need for both the World Bank and the Dominican government to expedite project approval processes and their subsequent execution.

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