Economy March 6, 2015 | 8:15 am

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Foreign Ministry, big business work jointly to boost trade, investment

Santo Domingo.- Foreign minister Andrés Navarro on Thursday met with National Business Council (Conep) senior leaders to outline a strategy to boost exports, promote trade and investment in Dominican Republic.

It’s the second meeting with Conep hosted by the official at the Foreign Ministry, which aim to forge a partnership to collaborate and develop various topics of common interest, as part of the trade liberalization process to create jobs and spur the growth of exports.

Navarro said the government is committed to bolster ties with the export sector, which he affirms, "can play a leading role in the decisive effort of our ambassadors abroad, regarding the new foreign policy initiative launched by president Danilo Medina."

For first Conep vice president Ligia Bonetti, it’s important to note Navarro’s “wide vision of connecting the Foreign Ministry with business, aware that this strategic alliance could bear great fruits, mainly economic development through the growth of exports and major sources of employment.”

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