Economy November 25, 2015 | 4:09 pm

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Government must spur local airlines to boost the economy

Santo Domingo.- Civilaviation has been paramount for tourism growth and development, for which thegovernment should encourage the creation of local airlines and attract newforeign airlines to Dominican territory and spur the economy.

Lift Air Group presidentRyan Polanco made the proposal, and noted that civil aviation has madesignificant contributions to tourism and to the manufacture of Dominican exportproducts.

He urged the governmentto partner with the private sector similar to the arrangement with the powercompanies to create a model national airline.

Speaking at the twice-yearlyAir Cargo Americas 2015 Conference in Miami, Polanco said the growth anddevelopment of Dominican Republic´s tourism, the main of foreign currency,"was made possible by civil aviation.”

"I am among thosewho think the government should be more involved in creating and maintaininglocal airlines, and encourage foreign airlines to come more here, since theircontributions contribute to economic growth and development," Polanco said.

as examples of what hasto surmounted He cited the cases of the Netherlands, Iceland and Singapore,three small countries that have developed their civil aviation, making it the"spearhead" which guarantees sustained economic development andproviding significant revenue for the state, for trade and to its citizens.

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