Local October 11, 2012 | 12:29 pm

One seriously hurt near Barrick mine as protest spreads

Cotuí, Dominican Republic.- A bus headed to the Barrick Pueblo Viejo mine with food for its workers was set on fire by unidentified arsonists amid protests unfolding in the villages of La Piñita and Tocoa (northeast), among others.

Local media say at least one man, Nairobi Gonzalez, was seriously injured, when he was reportedly caught in the crossfire between police and protesters.

Demonstrators demand more jobs in mining company, a review of the contract with the government, the conclusion of several works, and the protection of the environment.

Several people have been detained since Thursday morning near the Pueblo Viejo gold mine, during clashes between protesters and police firing tear gas cartridges, as the unrest spreads to villages south of Cotuí.

Sanchez Ramirez province organizations had given Barrick Gold a deadline until today to satisfy their demands, after dozens of people were hurt during demonstrations staged last week.

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