Local November 20, 2013 | 11:45 am

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Come clean on coal-fired plants, group warns Dominican government

Santo Domingo.- The grassroots movement Toy Jarto (I’m Fed Up) on Wednesday warned the Dominican Republic’s State-owned Electric Utility (CDEEE) to clarify within 10 days the doubts around the tenders to buy two coal-fired power plants, or “will use all available resources” to challenge the process

Toy Jarto spokesman Álvaro Caamaño said CDEEE CEO Ruben Jimenez Bichara is obliged to explain to Dominican taxpayers all the details of the process, which “involves the assets of more than two future generations.”

‘What we demand is transparency to prevent the repeat of past mistakes," Caamaño said, and slammed the utility’s more than US$1.2 billion annual subsidy.

He said while the movement is aware of the need to trim the electricity deficit, the government “cannot blind or obfuscate us, sacrificing the future heritage disproportionately.”

“With a flawed or occult process a good proposal ends being undermined and denatured by corruption, benefiting only a few to the detriment of all others,” Caamaño said in a statement.

He adds that they welcome the “responsible attitude” shown by government procurement director Yokasta Guzman with an announced probe into the CDEEE’s call for tenders, and vowed to continue their push to support society’s legitimate concerns over the alleged irregularities.

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