Local August 2, 2016 | 3:20 pm

Student ‘denied’ scholarship for nappy hair to accept it

Santo Domingo.- Political scientist Fatima Gonzalez, whose complaintof discrimination against Higher Education minister Ligia Amada Melo, for allegedlydenying her a scholarship for having nappy hair made national headlines on Tuesdaysaid that accepts it.

She said she will take the scholarship on gournd that she’sa Dominican citizen and therefore entitled to it.

"I’ve thought a lot about whether to take thescholarship, but I will accept it because I am a Dominican citizen, becausethey didn’t give me any reason, or any explanation of why I was refused. Iaccept it because I want to prepare myself, because it’s my main goal," Gonzaleztold CDN channel 37.

She said she was granted him the scholarship after thescandal of her complaint made the social networks and not as Melo said, that ithad already been approved. "If I already had it, I wouldn’t’ve gone to theministry."

She stressed however that the reason to post the official’salleged mistreatment on the social networks, wasn’t to scandalize to receivethe scholarship, and never to create problems for Melo.

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