Local January 26, 2024 | 9:48 am

Marcos Díaz recovers from world’s most poisonous fish bite

Santo Domingo.- Former ultra-distance swimmer and sports leader, Marcos Díaz, faced a perilous encounter during a surf session at Boca Chica beach buoy when he was stung by a Stone Fish (Scorpaena Plumieri).

His father, Marcos Díaz Guillén, shared the incident on social media, explaining that the ex-high-performance athlete experienced severe pain in his right foot after stepping on something upon concluding his surfing session around 8:00 a.m. on Wednesday.

Initially mistaking it for glass, the intensity and prolonged nature of the pain prompted him to seek help. He was swiftly taken to a nearby house where he immersed his foot in hot water. Following consultations with friendly doctors and guidance from Dr. Pedro Iván Peralta and Dr. Rubén García, Marcos was transported to the local hospital in Boca Chica.

At the hospital, he received multiple doses of hydrocortizone and dexamethazone, and medical professionals successfully opened the wound, cleaning the remnants left by the fish on his foot.

Expressing gratitude, the athlete and his family thanked the surfing community in the area, as well as the prompt and efficient medical response, acknowledging that it made a crucial difference in a moment where his life was genuinely in jeopardy.

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