Local March 4, 2024 | 11:58 am

Security measures implemented at Dajabón border market

Dajabón, DR.- The prevailing violence in Port-au-Prince and other cities has compelled Dominican authorities to implement adjustments at the Dajabón border crossing for the development of the binational market. Among these adjustments is the introduction of biometric scanner verification.

Every Haitian entering the market undergoes the biometric scanner verification process to confirm their identity and ensure that no Haitian prisoners enter Dominican territory. Mayor Santiago Riverón of Dajabón explained that national security agencies have increased surveillance in the border area to control the entry of Haitians.

“We have witnessed several weeks of declining market activity, and this is meaningful due to the ongoing events in Haiti affecting our trade,” stated the mayor.

Merchants in the border area have urged authorities to adopt additional measures to guarantee national security. Porfirio Díaz, a merchant, emphasized that no clients from Port-au-Prince have visited due to the situation. He suggested allowing women to enter while preventing the entry of men, particularly those who escaped from prison.

Haitian citizens attending the market expressed fear regarding the situation in their neighboring country, citing shootings, deaths, and overall crime. The recent attack on the civil prison in Port-au-Prince, where armed gangs reportedly freed important criminals, has heightened concerns.

At least a dozen people lost their lives during the attack on the Port-au-Prince civil prison. The armed gangs took control of the National Penitentiary, Haiti’s largest prison, allowing a significant number of detainees to escape. The French embassy in Haiti reported the incident, highlighting the bandits’ takeover after intense exchanges of gunfire between the police and assailants.

The aftermath of the attack has resulted in a night marked by violence, with bodies of at least 10 people discovered in the vicinity of the prison. Some of these bodies were reportedly torn apart by dogs. Despite the severity of the situation, the government has not yet issued a comment.

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