Sports May 23, 2024 | 5:45 pm

Initiating preparations for the U-17 Women’s Soccer World Cup

Santiago, DR.- The Mayor’s Office of Santiago has established an executive committee to coordinate preparations for the U-17 Women’s Soccer World Cup, which will take place in the city and feature the opening match of the event.

During a meeting with the committee, Mayor Ulises Rodríguez emphasized his goal of making the event welcoming and attractive for the city by involving all sectors of Santiago society and the region.

The first meeting saw the formation of a work committee comprising two key groups to ensure the effective organization of the event. These groups are the organizing committee, consisting of representatives from the government, business, sports, and technical sectors, and the volunteer committee, which will play a crucial role in supporting the event’s activities.

Additionally, a marketing and communication strategies area was created to maximize the event’s visibility and impact, developing a strong brand and appealing visual identity. This area aims to convey the contest’s values, such as inclusion and passion for sports, to the province, the Cibao region, the country, and the world.

To promote the event, 100 billboards will be placed, and cultural and social events will be organized. Efforts will also be made to unite the cities of La Vega, Moca, and Puerto Plata, as well as the entire Cibao region, to make Santiago a welcoming venue.

It was also announced that, financed by the International Federation of Football Association (FIFA) and as a result of hosting this significant Cup, all government sports facilities in Santiago will be renovated and will receive training in maintenance and footballer development.

Present at the meeting were Arismendy Dajer, Secretary General of the Mayor’s Office; Mariana Almánzar, Managing Director; and Pedro Domínguez Brito, Legal Consultant. Also in attendance were Pappy Pérez and Miguel Martínez, Director and Deputy Director of Sports, respectively; Félix Franco, member of the Santiago management committee; Elisabeth Mena, executive of the organizing committee; Arlene Reyes, liaison of the organizing committee with the Mayor’s Office; and Ico Núñez, special advisor.

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