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Do you want to start a business? Then this platform is for you

Hands on Sales, an agency specialized in sales consulting and training, whose focus is to help entrepreneurs and companies to sell more and have profitable businesses, has launched a free training platform to help entrepreneurs increase their sales.

It is a free five-day challenge, during which participants will have the step-by-step, with which they can implement actions to increase their cash flow with quick sales.

The vast experience in sales closings of Patricia Sugilio and Mariel Quiros, founders of Hands on Sales, has allowed them to synthesize their knowledge with a practical and actionable guide that business owners can implement to maximize their results.

“Our goal is to help business owners dream and make their boxes ring. Because, at the end of the day, it is undeniable that a business cannot thrive without closing sales. Dreams cannot be achieved if behind every business there are no successful transactions,” said Patricia Sugilio, co-founder of the agency.

“After years of experience working with diverse businesses and renowned personal brands, for us at Hands on Sales it is imminent to fulfill our mission to give back part of what we have achieved, helping business owners to increase their cash flow with these simple actions that will boost their results,” commented Mariel Quiros, also co-founder of the firm.

During the challenge, participants will learn how to contact current or former customers who may purchase their products or services, schedule calls with prospects to learn about new needs they can satisfy, how to create content for quick purchase impulse and how to resume the conversation with potential customers who were interested in a product, but did not finalize the purchase.

In addition, they will have access to feedback through the Telegram channel to further boost their results; as well as masterclasses, group Q&A sessions, among other resources.

About Hands on Sales:

Hands on Sales is a leading company in the sales closing market, specialized in sales consulting and training.

Its focus is to help entrepreneurs and companies to sell more and have profitable businesses, pushing them to reach their maximum potential.

Their vision is to contribute to the success of their clients, providing them with the skills and knowledge to close sales more effectively.

Its founding partners are Patricia Sugilio, Dominican, and Mariel Quiros, Costa Rican; two young entrepreneurs with extensive experience in online business and startups, who have worked with relevant experts in the Spanish-speaking market in Latin America, the United States and Spain.

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