Tourism April 28, 2016 | 1:12 pm

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Dominican Republic can tap US$70M annual health tourism niche

Santo Domingo.- Dominican Health Tourism Association presidentAlejandro Cambiaso on Friday said globalization has prompted major economic and social transformations inthe Dominican Republic, including the health sector.

"Today we see people move to different parts of theworld in search of solutions to their health problems. The key factors thatdetermine which destination they choose are quality and safety of healthservices, international accreditations, cost-effectiveness, immediate carewithout waiting lists and transparency," he said.

Quoted by, Cambiaso said the countries thathave positioned themselves as health destinations become stronger each year becausescientific, technological and global quality standards progress, to takeadvantage of a market more than US$70 billion annually, for which “the DominicanRepublic must organize and conquer a portion of that niche.”

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